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Space for a harmonious life

The benefits of living at Prostranstvo

Soundproofing walls and floors
A modern soundproofing system can solve the problem of almost any noise.
All apartments are renovated
All apartments are renovated with equipped bathroom and kitchen. Enjoy the beauty and comfort from the first days of housewarming!
Patio apartments on the 1st floor
Individual fenced area where you can spend time with loved ones.
Air conditioning system with air ionization
For 5-6 minutes of operation of the ionizer without a trace remove various persistent odors and tobacco smoke .
Amazing apartment interior design
Interior design projects combine aesthetic appeal and functionality. We cooperate with the best design bureaus of Ukraine.
Internal IT system
An automated control system guarantees the convenience and maximum comfort of residents.
Economical heating system
We use modern equipment to save heat. Autonomous power supply: generators installed.
We install diesel generators, which provide electricity to apartments and public areas in the event of a power outage
Individual ventilation system
The ventilation system is designed so that the air masses from the apartment do not circulate between other apartments. This creates additional protection against diseases which transmitted by airborne droplets.
The windows of the apartment face south
The house is specially designed so that the windows of the western apartments face south (Prostranstvo na 12th Fontana).
Wellness features
Private hammam in the bathroom in a large apartment (Prostranstvo na 12th Fontana).
Drinking water filtration system
Filters for water were installed to purify tap water from harmful impurities.
Investment return: $ 1 increase in value per day
Investing in Prostranstvo is one of the most profitable and reliable types of investments. Every day the cost per square meter of each Space rises by $ 1.
Flexible, individual payment system
We tried to make the registration procedure as simple and convenient as possible.
Legal registration of relations with the management company
You get a full range of management services, legal support, monthly income and full financial statements on the profitability of your apartment.
Help when moving
If necessary we can help you with moving to Prostranstvo!
Individual layouts
We think over layouts, house architecture, space of your yard and quarter
Data Privacy Guaranteed
We guarantee the confidentiality of all your data.
Own infrastructure for residents
The internal infrastructure of each Space is carefully thought out. Everything necessary for a comfortable, eventful and harmonious life is nearby.
Security system at the airport
Card access system, round-the-clock video surveillance and specially trained personnel will provide the best security.
Environmental friendliness
Environmental friendliness, correct proximity to the sea Spaces are located in ecologically clean areas.
Design wind flows
Orientation of the house according to the wind rose: in the courtyard it will always be quiet and there will be no wind blowing down.
Concierge service
The concierge service will quickly and efficiently cope with such tasks as: grocery delivery, walking animals, cleaning the apartment, caring for clothes, delivering flowers and gifts, ordering a taxi and much more
Yard without cars
Each Space has a safe and cozy courtyard. We do everything so that children and adults have a relaxed and pleasant time in our yards.
Own square
Spacious home area for your comfort.
Natural greenery in the yard
We preserve the existing greens and plant a new one.
Vertical gardening of facades
For the first time in Ukraine, a unique system of vertical gardening has been implemented.
Our experts carefully think through every detail to ensure your comfort and coziness